Often wonder, how life takes turns and leads to paths which you had never imagined of. To me, this new chapter is a beginning of an exciting journey. I write this chapter with every aspiration of reaching to a point which was beyond my expectations from life.

It is now almost three months, I have changed my country.I am in a foreign land, to make it my own someday. Believing, this land which is world’s most immigrant-friendly country would cater to my future nourishment. Presently, everything seems bewildered. No paths to walk, The picture drawn back home was so different from what is expected here to be usual.

Coping with weather adaptability, acquainting surroundings and more importantly, the people and their culture. Every day is a learning, a new experience zipping the unknown to the known and leading to New Chapters in life.

Hopeful, this new chapter would be filled with teachings to share and lessons to learn.


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