Life is beautiful, if you know where to look………

I was recently undertaken for Personality Dimensions® – Temperament

by Jack Falt in one of the sessions under Making Changes Association, Life and Employment Skills Program, here in Calgary Alberta.

It said “Think of the colour blue and the image of clam blue water may come to mind.” Not to my surprise, my personality color is blue.

Anyways, my personality dimension has nothing to do with what I want to write today.

This world is a hell of living into the unknown. Existence of life on earth, mystery of the universe and depth of ocean and what not. Finding answers for every curiosity is a never ending process.

But it is more sad to see, how we fail to understand even the simplest feelings in relations and beauty of its complexities. How we fail to see happiness that comes from not the big things but tiny sparkling emotions seeking joy in everyday life. Why we run and fear for future, when the present itself is so beautiful.

And it is sad to see where humanity is taking its path. I love India and the fact that I am away from India is making me think more and more of it. The farer I am, the closer is India to me. The world has always been divided in divine and devils, rich and poor, the kings and the peasants, good and bad. But, India has never been so bad as it seems today.  The sole reason what I can see behind this is the immense negativity and social pressure by media. People may agree or disagree.

Many of my friends off the media are talking a lot about #presstitutes, while my former colleagues still struggle to get a better status and life working as a journalist.

I often feel nostalgic remembering my days growing as a kid without cable television. The only thing which we had in motion was Doordarshan and in audio was the Vividbharti. Then, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting was a regulated public sector.

There are so many cheery memories associated with both of these electronic media. Most of the programs were filled with morals, always had a message and a positive direction for the audiences. And since, there were only limited programs, we had ample of time to share with our friends, families and neighbors, to stroll around the neighborhoods and have leisure hours practicing some of the best hobbies, one can enjoy in solidarity.

And today, we the Indians are living in an edge of liberalized and privatized media houses which are more of corporate businesses. There are more than 90 24×7 news channels and over 120 entertainment channels, which also run throughout the day and night.

In an average household in India, the television is the most important asset which runs almost 14 hours a day. All one gets to see is immense negativism, fake news, un-researched reports, detailed and narrated crime incidents, glamorizing of criminals, in-depth stories of Bollywood stars and political leaders. None of these can actually be called news but is served as “breaking news.”

So, I again fail to understand, why we are so much addicted to the idiot boxes and why the Indian media has been sold for profit making business houses. I wonder how many of us are watching the DD news for short and crispy news and are done for the day abandoning rest of the news channels.

I wish I could go back to the late 80s and early 90s decade. Well, while, sticking to the past is no solution but I am definitely cutting myself with what I don’t want from present.

Better I have chosen social media platform for the rightist way. No more following Facebook pages and twits of any of the news or entertainment channels. That dose not makes me orthodox and ignorant of what is happening around the world. It is almost two months, I have done it and trust me, earth seems more beautiful to me. The world is still having true hearted people and I have many positive things to spend my time with. I see life is more cherished.


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