The Diwali might be over, but I am still not over the simple decors I could add in the home this time.  Also, because the Diwali parties stay longer, it makes sense to keep the home decor slightly up to keep the feeling alive. It was a very quite Diwali for us. Weekdays are often spent with the busy schedules. So, it was the weekend, that we could actually cherish the festivity mood.

Since I moved to Calgary, I hardly had any chance to put rangoli. So one of my prime focus this year was to be able to put some kind of rangoli. I used my extra packets of kumkum and rice flour to put simple design. Also, put the usual flower rangoli, which I invented myself with the artificial flower garlands.

And not the least, we put lots and lots of candles all over the house. In the lanterns, over the water bowl, over the windows. That was a simple fun filled moments of Diwali for me and my family.

And then, I also have not forgotten to add some of the Diwali experiments I did last year.


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