Why did I choose to buy this home?

Home is where your heart lives. I have been highly taken by the Indian immigrants who have added a lot of personal essence to their home with several brass decors. Those kinds of decoration mark the true Indian look. Afterall, we are lovers of gold and glitter. But, I am unfortunately far from it for now. Though I wish to add a lot of brass things in near future. For the meantime, I have kept my home simply with the charm I bought it a few months ago. This came to me as more of Dutch and Canadian fusion style.

The previous owner of this house was originally from Denmark but was brought up in Canada. Hence, she kept that mix style at her home. I followed the same with a promise that one day, my heart would ultimately dwell here.

Let me give you a brief tour to start with

Living Room

Where the simple decor can add elegance

Study Room

Perfect to cuddle oneself in the warmth of textures

Mini Library 

An oasis of books


All that coziness

Mini Backyard 

That’s the lovely snowfall outside this little lawn, which turns lush green during other season of the year.


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