When I decided to take a stroll in search of the fall colors.

Winter is right around the corner and autumn is a short-lived season. So, I decided to catch some of the best from nature.

Me and my husband shared our morning tea in Fish Creek Provincial Park.

And that was the view we enjoyed together


I could sit and write hundreds of poetry here.  Perfect imagination for any writer.


With my cup of tea

  1. Kristyn 1 year ago

    Great news! I want to share the love to your blog and nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Check it out here: https://www.lifewithjandk.com/blogger-recognition-award/ If you accept, don’t forget to share a link to your nomination because I would love to read it too! Enjoy and Congratulations!

  2. Author
    Jaya Sarathe 12 months ago

    Hey Kristyn! First of all congratulations to you!! This is fantastic to know.
    Sorry for late reply as I was away for a while and had to take some days off from blogging. But good part is I am back and I am happy to accept the Blogger Recognition Award. I would follow up the steps and will share the link in coming days.
    Best Wishes – Jaya

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