(That was Me to my Diary in beginning of this year- Now reflecting the same after 3 months and must say it is working. I am on the right track moving on right direction and to where I want to be.)

Jan 16, 2017

Dear you,

There have been times when I become restless. Nothing is able to pacify me. Its hard to understand. Its hard to let it pass. But I want to wake up with every positive beat I can. And not let the sadness and inner hustle encompass it. I want to wake up thinking of all the good and exciting things happening around. I want to be happy with what I have and I know writing down calms me a lot.

There has be a rightful balance in life and therefore there has to be focus on how I want to lead my life. I am lost these days and I want to be back to life again, to the life that I want to live to the fullest. I want to soak it and achieve the ultimate.
18010230_10206672927541343_5012656960342810436_nLife has come a long way with all the good and bad it had for me in the past few years. Now is the time to start rejuvenating as I stand in the middle of it. Now is the time to make the best of it and now is the time to never regret for how life has been moving.

I am happy things are slowly coming to track. I just have to take few extra steps to make it happen, an effort to push myself and say go and do it. Let it happen. Let it flow naturally to you.

With a juggling life, all is on a happy note now. So get back to track as the time has to come to overcome all these restlessness which has gripped me. I have to wake up to my consciousness again and start seeing the first ray of day, to take a deep breath and nurture life.

Welcome to the good things in life and stay focus with a smile on face and peace in mind.


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