This morning I woke with a fresh energy. It was a special day. Today I had to meet my mentor. We were meeting after a span of almost one year. The last time I met her was in summer of 2016. That time we took a stroll in Glenmore park surrounding the Elbow river in Calgary. It was like a chat on the walk. It was a bright, warm, and sunny day. That day was beginning of a small journey I took for myself. And today after one year, I am happy and content that I could do it. I would share about this journey in my upcoming blog post.

What I have to say here for the moment is that life of an immigrant is not easy at all. Life as an adult is not easy at all. But what is also not easy is to find good hearts that care for you and guide you. So you have to be lucky to find someone like that. And I am glad to have a mentor.

World is full of such good people. You have to be open and nonjudgmental. Having this sense of commitment towards yourself and towards society is important. I took a little time to say that, but it was worth saying it now.


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