December is a magical month. Let’s welcome it. 

As the year is quickly coming to a close, this is the perfect time to gift yourself a year-end gift and make a list of everything for which you are grateful.

Having gratitude reminds us of the infinite abundance that is available if we but stop and peer inside our hearts and acknowledge both the simple and profound riches that envelop us like a blanket of glittering jewels. These jewels are different for everyone but might include friends, loved ones, family, health, the earth, the stars, wild animals, or your pet cat.
Being in a state of gratitude increases appreciation for life itself. When we are in such a state, life looks different. You begin to see the miracles in everyday events; the way your muscles work, the taste of food, and the colors of a rainbow. These events and processes are going on continually and we take them for granted as if they were so much background information – to be ignored unless pointed out.

Here are my top 5 picks from the year for which I am profoundly grateful.

  1. Family Support – Especially that of Husband 

     The relationships in life are the most important and fragile part. If not handled well, they can be the most complex thing to ever deal with. My husband and I celebrated our 4th marriage anniversary this year. We are one of those crazy couples whose lives can be narrated in those weirdest love-stories. Every marriage, relationship, and love comes with sacrifices. It is very important to value that. I feel grateful, that my husband has been my greatest supporter throughout these four years of my life. With our flaws, imperfections and ups and downs, we continue to make that perfect match for each other and there is no way I can thank the lord enough for this relationship.
  2. Blessed by natural surroundings 

    Wow! What a blessed year it was with those numerous trips to mountains. I made the best of Canada 150. Attended Wildflower festival, walked to the Waterton mountains with Nature Conservancy of Canada, visited Prince of Wales Heritage Hotel with family, did several long drives in and around Calgary for sightseeing. Yes, it that perfect year filled with all goodies from nature. Luckily, my home is close to one of the best City Park, where I often go for walks and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. Most importantly, I brushed my skills a bit to do some nature photography and results were highly appreciated.
  3. Satisfaction in Career 

    In the country from where I hail, one’s professional growth has a saturation point. But, my new adopted country doesn’t have that. Never in life, I can feel that I have done enough to achieve the life and career goals. But once in a while, it is important to have a break and enjoy whatever things you have done so far and be proud of yourself. tap yourself and no one would do that for you. I still have several steps to climb to reach where I see my zenith but for now, I would share this joy of having little successes. I am still on a journey of maneuvering my career and still finding ways to grow. I might not have been that great writer, I always dreamt of, I neither could complete my poetry collection, but there are still a couple of things going perfectly fine in my career, that is the learning process.
  4. Hope for Growth & Stability  – mentally, physically, financially 

    Hope keeps everything alive. We as humans love to count our achievements. The important part with that is to stay humble and to keep that hope flourish. Satisfaction is a big thing and not easily achieved. But hope that someday it would come. As I grow each year, I seem myself a step further to reach my wisdom. At times, it is not the age that would lead to, it will be the experiences that would lead up to. So, keep hoping and being grateful to God for giving me that hope, that my health would remain good, my peace would remain with me and to all those who surround me. Daily prayers, a bit of meditation and lot of hope for this better world is all that I need to stay happy and nourished.
  5. Harmony with inner conscious 

    Sometimes it is not about the outer world, it also about the inner world. The answers you sought for, the things that keep going in your sub-conscious mind. The year 2017 gave me that ample opportunity to have entire conversations with self. I see myself calmer, more at peace with myself. Having an acceptance for outer world actually comes from within. I am glad, I am leaning the ways to have the patience to accept changes, to beat the blues and to overcome all kinds of anxieties. Well, that is also one the reason why I am up to this post.
So, what are yours? Please feel free to leave your comments and share your thoughts over the same. I would love to hear about your gifts to yourself.
Be grateful, be happy and be at peace. 
with love from Jaya!

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