My first home – a fresh beginning for me which welcomed with its open arms. This is the place, which would mark a fresh start for a journey. This would be a journey of success, of self-exploration, of joys, of positivism, and of creativity.

What is the feeling of coming home! Home – Isn’t it the best place you would call on earth. Home, however big or small it is or wherever it is, home is your heart. Doesn’t matter how filled or how empty, how rich or poor, how fancy or how simple but it’s still your home.

The walls which carry your world. This is the place, you seem most safe in. As if no one would see the face under the face you carry in this world. This is the place hidingly from the world where you would bring all the true things, insights, and thoughts you carry without the fear of being judged.

Yes, this is that same home, I am welcomed in and as it is, I am welcomed to my own identity, to a person I would love most because without loving yourself, you won’t appreciate what the world is all about.


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