Hindus across the world are celebrating Rakhshabandhan 2017 today (August 7, 2017). 

And here I am sitting approximately 11,639 km away from my brothers. Well, this is not the first year though for us being far apart from each other. In fact, it has been for five years in row now. Barely, I remember the excitement we used to have during this time of the year. As we grew to adulthood, promises of cross-favors during Rakshabandhan stopped just like the passing of the childhood games.

Now what all is left are the memories as though it is a history. We may not be fighting anymore over the pity issues of winning and losing the chess games or carom, or even the snake and ladder and ludo. Now, we hardly remember how our fights started over who got more milk or juice and ended sharing the same glass without our realization. Yes, we don’t remember as clear as the past it was. This is also because we  forget how it is to live a life without ego. All we know is as we grew, our egos grew. Now, this ego manifests the rest of our relations in this world.

But how would you define the sibling bond? Something which is still unbeatable inspite of the faded memories. Which went numb for years and then again comes back as though it was there all through. As I am sitting and counting my years of being so far, I am also counting the kind of blessing it is to have siblings in childhood irrespective of whatever circumstances make them in future. As an elder sister, my three immediate brothers including two cousins were my pride. I didn’t realize this until our circumstances changed and defined again that ego is something very nonsense to live with.

We all know different stories behind the significance of Rakshabandhan. In a country like India, stories from ancient times have defied a way of life on earth. Its rich culture is what teaches us to practice the basic facts of the existence of humanity and the human nature. The more you dig in it, the more you grow within.

So here is my take on this Rakshabandhan


While rakshabandhan typically celebrates the relationship between brother and sister, it has a much deeper spiritual significance. Take the symbolism of Lord Krishna giving Draupadi an infinitely long sari in return for protecting his wound with a small piece of cloth. The story narrates how your one step taken towards humanity is returned with ninety-nine steps of Lord giving back to you.

At the absolute level, it is only when we give up our pathetic, finite egos that we are able to experience the joy of the Infinite.

Like all other Indian festivals, Rakshbandhan too is a call to the Divine Self within.  Those who have embarked on the magical journey towards the Spirit experience not just and happiness and success but also an unmistakable sense of peace that the world cannot disturb

If possible, join for the simple actions to commit for dedicating actions to the goal of self-betterment, harboring finer emotions and developing the clarity to see the permanence in and through the transience of the world. This world needs a piece of you for the infinite peace around.

Try to have some bond with yourself as well and enjoy the journey of life.

Happy Rakshbandhan to all!









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