Eventually this blog is becoming my personal space. A kind of my own room, where I would store my memories, thoughts, goodies, emotions, and fears and failures. It is at times intimidating to let this come out virtually. This holds me back from doing so. But at the same time,  there is no other way I can let it happen.

It is because I have spent almost a decade of my life writing for newspaper, thinking of subjects to publish. Researching over environmental and social issues to cover up my weekly deadlines. Now I feel distorted. I feel my life without that routine is so incomplete. Because there is no such rush to research, think, and to write, as though no where to lead. Now I have been left on my own pace for my imaginations to linger on without any force leading to any destination. So that’s why I call it as a journey, irrespective of any reaching point.

And  I am taking this second edition of Accidental Genius by Mark Levy.  How would it make a difference ? Well, I was in belief that I am in writers block since past almost 3 years. Yes, the last time I left my newsroom was in around January 2014 and since then completely stopped writing. And here I stand in mid of 2017 wondering what has been happening all these years around. Doesn’t coming to a new country, immigrating with some challenging family situations makes you stand like a fool in a strange land ? You don’t know the work and life skills to survive.  You don’t have coping mechanism. The truth is that this sounds so fake. Whereas, you stand stronger to fight with your situations to survive. You manage to learn every new skill to make a good life and lead a respectful living.  This is what this book is revising for me. Making me move a step towards what I want to achieve from my life. The only skill I knew until I moved to this country was writing and now I am ready to pack it with marketing, digitizing, and still yearning to add on and learn as much as I can.

TIPS to anyone whoever feels the same way : For the beginners.

  1. Motivation – That’s the biggest challenge. No body is born with perfection. And everything that seeks an end has to begin somewhere and at some point. So this is that right moment to start. Staying motivated is one of the asset that leads to success.
  2. Accidental Genius is all about writing without hesitation. Without fear of being right or wrong, being judged,  Whenever you feel you are blocked, just get that corner of your writing desk and let the words flow without thoughts overcoming them. This is very important if one is seeking to make a career in freelance writing, when targets are quick and deadlines are not extended.
  3.  Once you are done writing without consciousness for almost 15-20 minutes, take a break, breath in fresh air, may be take a glass of water and come back to edit. It will be surprising to realize how easy it seems once you have that script without any sense. As you edit and as you go through, the things that makes sense or the that things that you actually want to pour in would come up and make a way for a perfect piece of writing.
  4. Write, write, and just write. At times, it is not a good idea to have a direct jump to writing without having specific knowledge about the subject. I mean, researching (reading), gathering information is one of the major step towards successful subjective writing. But what when you want to write without having any subject. In this case, it is like read in your leisure and write in you work.

PS : I have been practicing to write without having anything in my mind. I edited, and re-edited to make some sense of the things that were flowing in my mind unconsciously. 


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