How I spent April

April was a sheer month of joy like bell rings to the spring, wind chimes in the air. And as an addition to that was recommendation from Calgary Public Library to celebrate a month of poetry. For me, it came as an excellent opportunity to indulge in nature poetry for few weeks.

Then I caught my eyes on The Pigeons by Karen Solie. This year I have a target to read Canadian writers, their literature, and have an insight what this country beholds in its history, in its culture, and what makes it stand so different to the rest of the world. Karen Solie’s The Pigeons is great start to that.

As I sit reading the lines, it feels like somebody whispering to my ears – echoes from the mountains, songs from the river and some lingering thoughts from valleys and cliffs. The wild nature has something deep rooted in me. Something that is just intangible and something which I can never get separated with. Born in the remotest part of India in the Himalayas, nature is deep embodied to my heart and soul. It is really hard to think of day when I can’t see beauty in nature through falling leaves, growing grasses, and even the withering flower.

Now it feels like I was born to come here one day. To be sitting like this and reading the same lines which have been in my thoughts somewhere hidden and somewhere unnoticed. Because now, it feels like I have been living a life that I always wanted. Its so enriching to be thinking that you are living a life of content. To have an expression to this same feeling is hard to find in the books or in the words or in the thoughts. Because this is a feeling which you encounter in a moment that keeps flashing. This is nostalgic. As if it was there since forever and would stay till eternity.

Keep the spirits high and let the wilderness enchant lives as they have been since the ages.

A great beginning

As this year moves ahead, I look forward to a bright year of success. This success would be nothing more than personal enrichment and moving closer to mindfulness.

And as spring is here, wild flowers popping everywhere, I re-dedicate myself to nature and all that it has to give me.

Few means of happiness

  • Reviving old series of poems written decade ago just to let them transform to present – towards publishing a poetry collection. 18403622_10206764309665839_1777919240926896021_n
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