Writer’s Block – Ways to overcome

Do you feel drifted away from writing once in a while? And then suddenly get that ring bells to write again? Or crave to continue writing! Yes, then we might be on the same page. If not, you still face such phases in and on around the year, if you are from the writing field.

This is February and the first week is already gone.  I am here in the middle of the Canadian winter. Yes, for you it might almost be the time for the spring. And I am continuing the fight with every urge to write. For me, writing is not a means of surviving a career, for me writing means ensuring that my expressions and part of my body’s emotions keep flowing out of me through my hands typing on the keyboard. It is this pang and the bang-bang boo kind of let it go!

My last two months were fairly very busy than usual. I have been off to spend some quality time with family and to make over the bonding losses. I was far away from any temptation to write or to take new projects or to expand the marketing. My creativity levels went to the freezing point for a few weeks.

Now, when I am back from the tropical stay to my winter wonderland and it is dipping mercury outside my window, I get the pangs. In the middle of the night, I am restless. I keep thinking of the morning and to get back to the desk. But when the morning comes, there are these daily chores that need to be finished. The days and weeks pass on before I realize that it is over one month that I haven’t been able to put the broken pieces of my mind together.

But one thing I did was to continue reading, to keep those words flowing in my brain and followed this wonderful write up by Jeff Goins- How to overcome writer’s block!  All thanks to people out there from the field of blogging who keep motivating.

So here are the things that I have been doing to not let it go off of my hold completely:-

  • Spending time in Nature

Having not much to do in the winter, but always appreciating the beauty around is a way to cherish your life and your present moment. Don’t forget to take some time off and soak in some sunshine whenever the weather gives you that opportunity.

  • Reading a Book

I have been reading continuously throughout my writer’s block state of mind. In fact, that is one of the strong motivation that would bring you back to sit down and write.  It necessarily doesn’t have to be a novel, just reading a few poems, small proses and any other stuff would go a long way.

  • Freewrite

Not to forget, I wrote almost 10 poems during this period, not for any clients but for myself. Writing is something which is done more for oneself than for the world. Don’t forget this once in a while. Write it for yourself, write it daily, pure beauty lies in that itself.

  • Inspiring quotes

What a world would be without inspiration! I have been following all quotes on a daily bases. I love to see the difference it makes in starting a day and ending it the same another way.  It helps to keep that inner peace alive and to assure that the world is not at its end and there is more life than you can see beyond your surroundings.

And even though I am not writing any concrete or taking new projects, there are things that are coming on the papers every now and then. There are some projects underlying and things are rolling back.

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