I grew with an amazing charm for Mekhla Chador. Being born to an Assamese mother, there could have been nothing than the desire to have one of this dress for all the festive occasions. Now, almost after two decades of living with that desire, there is something more interesting to know. The re-birth of Mekhla Chador with the Muga silk and various styles of carrying it has made it so trendy that you can’t resist to not to have one in your wardrobe.

Hats off to Sanjukta Dutta who has won heart for putting best of her creativity and making Mekhla Chador a brand and giving Muga silk its re-birth. Here are some of the re-creations and styling of Mekhla Chador that you would love to have one for yourself.

All works by Sanjuktastudios – copyrighted / Designer – Sanjukta Dutta 


all desings - by Sanjukta 1all desings - by Sanjukta 2all desings - by Sanjukta 3all desings - by Sanjukta 4all desings - by Sanjukta 5all desings - by Sanjukta 6

Recently, my article for colorful Durga Utsav with re-defined mekhla chador was carried and the reading link is Sunday Edition of DB Post – Vibe September 24, 2017


If this makes you convinced enough to have this traditional attire in your must-haves, you can contact and order here

Website: www.sanjuktasstudios.com

Sanjukta Dutta Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sanjuktaduttaofficial/

Mekhela Chador by Sanjukta Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SanjuktasTraditionRedesigned/


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